Does the hero adopt a corrected philosophy at this point?

Does the hero adopt a corrected philosophy at this point?

And then, one day, the light of truth begins to dawn. The magic words pop into the hero’s head and guide her out of the darkness. It can be advice she desperately needs to hear, or simply her own pithy summary of every hard lesson she’s learned.

The 40 Year Old VirginNO, he retreats to his previous personality flaw.
AlienYES. “We’ll blow it the fuck out into space. We have to stick together.”
An EducationYES. Reacting to teacher’s place, “I’d love to live someplace like this…That’s all you need, isn’t it?”
The BabadookYES. To her husband’s ghost: “You’re trespassing in my house.”
Blazing SaddlesYES. He must bring the workers and townspeople together.
Blue VelvetNO. Not really: he remains conflicted throughout.  When Detective Williams says “You’re all through with this now?” he responds “Yes sir, I sure am,” but he continues investigating.   Later, he says to Sandy, while holding Dorothy, “Forgive me, I love you.”
The Bourne IdentityYES. “I don’t want to know who I am anymore.”  He only cares about what he can become. 
BridesmaidsYES. “I’m not okay.” “Things are going to change but they’ll be better.”
CasablancaYES. “The problems of three little people don’t amount to a hill of beans in this crazy world”
ChinatownYES. When he asks Cross ”How much better can you eat?”, he’s also criticizing his own predatory work ethic earlier in the movie.
Donnie BrascoYES.  “Fuck the rules.”
Do the Right ThingYES. We can sense that the mayor’s words are now echoing in his head: Always do the right thing.
The FarewellNO. You would think she would say something subtly showing that she’s coming around during her wedding speech, but her speech is unmemorable.  (The closest thing she gets to a corrected statement of philosophy is her final line of the movie where she comes home and shouts “Ha!” using her grandma’s exercise mantra.)
The FighterYES. I want you both in my corner
FrozenYES. It’s a line from before that now gets interpreted correctly: “An act of love of love will thaw a frozen heart.”
The FugitiveYES. Kimble: Sort of: “I am trying to solve a puzzle here.” (aka I can’t trust in others to find the right answers and I need to rely on myself.)  Also: “To see a friend” (aka evil is all around me and I’ve been too trusting.)  Gerard: “That company is a monster.”
Get OutYES. After the ¾ point, he chooses to save himself.  He discovers that the only way to save himself from slavery is to pick some cotton.
Groundhog DayYES. Eventually: “No matter what happens tomorrow, or for the rest of my life, I’m happy now”
How to Train Your DragonYES. “It’s not the dragon I’m worried about.” “I’m not one of them”
In a Lonely PlaceYES. “I lived a few weeks while she loved me.”
Iron ManYES. “I’m going to find my weapons and destroy them. I’m not crazy, Pepper, I just finally know what I have to do, and I know in my heart that it’s right.”
Lady BirdYES. “She’s my best friend” “I’m sorry, I know I can lie and not be a good person but… Please, Mom, please I’m so sorry, I didn’t mean to hurt you – I appreciate everything you’ve done for me, I’m ungrateful and I’m so sorry, I’m so sorry I wanted more…”
Raising ArizonaYES. “You were right and I was wrong. We got a family here and I’m gonna start acting responsibly.
RushmoreYES. “I’m just a barber’s son.” About his plan for the aquarium (and therefore his crush on Ms. Cross): “I gave it to a friend.”
SelmaSort of.  He doesn’t frame it as changing his mind, but rather tries to explain his decision as a tactical retreat.  But nobody really buys that he hasn’t reversed himself.
The ShiningYES. Danny barely speaks, but he seems to have accepted that his dad must die.
SidewaysYES. Before, actually: “This has been a big deal for me.” In this case, the further hardships cause him to regress, not progress, but the progress he’s already made finally pays off much later.
The Silence of the LambsYES. Quid pro quo: you have to make yourself vulnerable in order to understand evil.
Star WarsYES. Not until the end: “Use the force”
Sunset BoulevardYES. in telling her, “I’d take it in a second, but it’s a little too dressy for sitting behind a copy desk in Dayton, Ohio.”

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